7 Slalom Dr.

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Gas Fireplace

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1.5 Storey

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I'm offering you this crazy deal because I know what goes on in the industry. Often times, a realtor will offer to give you a home evaluation and will quote you a higher price than you expected just to convince you to list with them. Then, once they've made it that far, they will either build in price reductions, or, they will hound you for the remainder of the listing to lower the price. 


Now I should clarify, I am not trying to put anyone else down, I am only trying to educate and protect you and those that you care about. 


I don't want this to happen to you, your family or your friends, and I do not want to be associated with this type of practice. That is why I have created this offer, it guarantees that no matter what, you are protected and taken care of by a trusted professional and accurate information. Book a consultation now and start getting accurate information backed by both my word and my money.


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