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It's Better Than Risk-Free!

We only work with 5 clients at a time which allows our team to focus on maximizing the sale price of your home. We guarantee results and your satisfaction or we'll actually pay you!*
In addition to these performance guarantees, we provide you with a 24-month satisfaction guarantee that protects your next home purchase by giving you back 83.3% of the commission*.
Furthermore, you take on zero risk when you list your home with us due to our better-than-risk-free guarantee that allows you to cancel the listing after 30 days and we will not only cancel the listing with no hassle but I will personally pay you $1000 for your time and faith in us. 

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What is Selecta Service?

Simply put, Selecta Service is a tailored real estate service.

Our goal is to make our clients more money while tailoring our service to their unique situation. We are confident in our ability to accomplish this for you which is why we guarantee the results and service that you want and need or we'll actually pay you*. The reason that we can do this and no one else will is because we have limited ourselves to serving 5 clients at a time, allowing us to focus on our clients which ensures that there is no step overlooked and no oppourtunity missed.

Current List: 96 Members

We Only Work for 5 Clients At a Time
Which is Why We Can Guarantee Results for Our Clients

How fast do you want to sell? How much do you want to sell for? 

Choose an accountability measure:
1. Your Home Sold for 100% of Asking Price Guaranteed or I'll Pay You!*
2. Your Home Sold in 14 Days Guaranteed or I'll Pay the Deposit for Your New Home!*
3. Guaranteed Offer within 24 Hours
4. You Can Cancel Your Listing Anytime After 30 Days and I'll Pay You $1000!*
5. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Or I'll Buy It!*
6. 24 Month Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee!* (thousands in savings)

Plus you get all of our services and you don't pay anything unless we sell your home! 

Our Services Listing 

Online Syndication Listing

Social Media Listings

Toronto Board Listing

Professional Staging Consultation

Professional Photography

Hard Workin Hands Curb Appeal

Virtual Staging

Virtual Tour


Database of Potential Buyers

Top Buyer Software

Top Buyer Agents

Unbranded Marketing Approach

Neighborhood Blitz

Web Marketing Blitz

Referral System 

24 Hour Talking Ads

Smooth Transition Program

Best Buyer Magnets

Look Books and Brochures

Showing System and Software

Lockbox and Software

Local Statistics

Weekly Listing Report

Professional Appraisal Opinion

The Everyday Open House

Reverse Offer System

24/7 Helpline

24/7 Buyer Request Hotline

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

27 Selling Tips

21 Step Staging

Mortgage App

Listing App

CREA News and Stats

+ More

You Deserve

1. to get top dollar for your home and to move within your timeframe
2. to keep more of your equity and only pay for the service you receive
3. to find your next home before committing to selling your own
4. to work with a company that cares about you and what is best for your family
5. to work with a company that tailors their service to be perfect for you and your unique circumstances
6. to work with a company that is willing and able to guarantee results
7. to work with a company that rewards your loyalty
8. to work with a company that only works with a limited number of clients at a time so they have the time and focus required to get you the results you deserve

Selecta Service is what you deserve.
If we can not do all of this for you, you can cancel your listing anytime, no questions asked and if you want to cancel after 30 days, I will personally pay you $1000 for your time, effort, and faith in us to begin with.
We look forward to answering any questions that you may have and we are excited to help you and your family. 

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