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Your Home Value

Free, Quick & Accurate 
Provide more details for a more accurate evaluation

100% Free Service- You have a bank account to monitor your money but you don't have an easy way to track the value of your home which is likely your largest source of wealth. How can you live your life if you don't understand your wealth? This is what we provide...


Selecta Service Dashboards provide:

• the answer to what your home would sell for today!

• a valuation that is performed manually by experienced agents with attention to the unique details of your home, unlike the software most often used by other companies

• live, local, and interactive market stats simplified for quick viewing and understanding

• all homes currently for sale in your community

• SOLD homes in your neighborhood and how much they sold for

• free resources to plan your next move; guides provide step-by-step procedures that make moving as smooth as possible with the least amount of stress

• home value updated and delivered to your inbox at the frequency you request, no appointment/in-person meeting necessary


All this and more are provided to you under your own personal URL that only you can access. 

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