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Interested in Building Wealth Through Real Estate? Become a WTR Partner

What we do for you during the 5 years:
1. You and your referrals get 1% off commission
2. Access to exclusive investment opportunities (homes without competing offers)
3. Access to Joint Venture Funds to buy bigger deals than you alone can afford
4. Access to active investor community, investment coaches, and courses 
5. Access to our home service partners with discounts
6. Access to our list of private lenders and investors who will help you secure the deal when you don't have the cash or when the bank turns you away
7. We are your deal funnel, we will help you establish your investment criteria and we will generate, sort, and convert leads into deals for you (you're guaranteed a deal within the first month or I'll pay you*). 
8. Partner with us on a deal and we'll take care of everything from beginning to end. We'll manage the deal for you and all you have to do is collect cheques from us. 

The education, partnerships, and opportunities that we provide create wealth through real estate. No matter what your current situation is, there is a way for you to become a partner and start building wealth (No money or experience required). 

How to become a partner:
1. Sell a property worth $500,000+ and pay 8% commission
2. Refer a minimum of 3 people/sales
3. Pay $25,000 Upfront or Financed over the 5 years

Start building wealth through real estate, become a partner today!

Please feel free to contact me personally with questions, comments, referrals and concerns
Darby Hiles- Broker
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