Every Single Step That Must Be Taken If You Are Going To Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar

Realtor.ca Listing

More listings than any other real estate platform in Canada, REALTOR.ca is the only site that combines MLS® System feeds from every real estate board and association in the country.

2020 Stats:

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374 Million Visits & 1.7 Billion Property Page Views

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of Canadians who are in the market for a new home are aware of REALTOR.ca.(According to a 2019 Nanos research study)

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73 Million Visitors

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4 Million Leads

An average of 38 leads are sent to REALTORS® every five minutes!

Itsorealestate Listing 

22 Real Estate Boards & Associations

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Over 15,000 REALTORS®

Online Syndication

100's of Member Websites



Ad and Partner  Websites

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DarbyHiles.ca Listing

Your home will be featured on darbyhiles.ca where thousands of dollars are spent to drive more traffic every month. I am able to retarget website visitors which means that visitors will always see that your home is for sale. 

Financial Report
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Social Media Listings

Your home will be featured on all of my social media channels where I have accumulated over 2500 followers/connections. If a viewer engages with your listing, I will be able to retarget them which will make sure that any interested buyers do not forget about your home.

Toronto Board Listing

Your home will be featured on the Toronto board which is an exclusive board that not all local agents have access to. There is an increasing number of people deciding to move out of the city so it is crucial that your home is featured on the Toronto board. This way all realtors in Toronto will know that your home is for sale and will be able to show it to their buyers that are looking for a home in your area.  


Professional Staging Consultation

Staging your home not only produces better photography but it significantly enhances the buyer's experience. Buyers need to visualize living in the space. As you can imagine, that would be hard to do if they feel like they're in someone else's home or the home is empty.

Professional Photography

Let our photos speak for themselves

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Virtual Staging

We can actually stage your home virtually by putting things in pictures that weren't there before!

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Virtual Tour

Buyers will feel like they're literally walking through your home which means that only the most qualified and motivated buyers will physically come to view your home. 



2D and 3D FLoorplans 

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Database of Buyers

Over 300 potential buyers for your home and thousands of buyer representatives, do you think that would help sell your home fast and for top dollar?

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Top Buyer Software

Your listing will be sent to all of the top buyers whose home buying criteria match exactly what your home has to offer. 

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Top Buyer Agents

I will personally contact all of the agents who have buyers with home buying criteria that match your home. 

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Unbranded Marketing Approach

I get 3 times more buyers reaching out to me with this one simple approach...


Neighborhood Blitz

There is no doubt that everyone in your neighborhood will know that your home is for sale. This is important as they will spread the word with all of their friends and family looking to relocate to the area. 

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Web Marketing Blitz

There is no doubt that everyone interested in buying a home like yours will know that yours is for sale. 

Friends with Smartphones

Referral System 

People who refer buyers for your home can receive huge lifetime savings. This program encourages people to share your listing by giving back 10's of thousands of dollars to those who refer. 

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24 Hour Talking Ads

Anyone interested in your home will be encouraged to book a showing if they like what they hear about your home. 

Help Center

Smooth Transition Program

Anyone interested in your home will incentivized to buy your home, whether it is a new tv, free lawn maintenance, a moving company etc. We make sure that they will have all the reasons they need to buy your home instead of the one down the road. 

Real Estate Agent

Best Buyer Magnets

Buyers of your home will receive many helpful reports and tips that make buying your home easier. Buyers are shown how affordable your home is to buy by selling it on terms. 

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Look Books and Brochures

Beautiful keepsakes to keep your home on the buyers mind and remind them how much they loved your place. 


Showing System and Software

24/7 hotline able to take buyer requests and book showings no matter what time it is. You spend no time scheduling, simply tell us what timeframes you want showings and we will handle everything. 


Lockbox and Software

No matter what time or day it is and no matter what I am personally doing, qualified buyers and their agents will be able to view your home. 

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Local Statistics 

Follow the market and be able to make smart decisions about timing and pricing your home. Instant feeback on how your listing is performing in comparison to the market. 

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Local Statistics 

Follow the market and be able to make smart decisions about timing and pricing your home. Instant feeback on how your listing is performing in comparison to the market. See number of views, number of leads, number of showings and more. 

Signing a Contract

Professional Appraisal Opinion

You'll receive a recommended asking price from a thorough and professional realtor who study's the market every single day. Ensures you get the most for your home and don't leave money on the table. 

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The Everyday Open House

I make myself available to show and sell your home everyday. I spend my time qualifying the leads and I will personally show the property to the most qualified and motivated leads any day of the week. 

Signing a Contract

Reverse Offer

If you ever need to sell your home fast, we will actually reach out to the agents and buyers who previously viewed your home with a real written and signed offer containing all of the conditions and price that you want and need. 

Hotline Consultant

24/7 Helpline

A phone number assigned only to you. Anything you need, any questions you have and more all answered within the same day guaranteed. 

Working Cafe

24/7 Buyer Request

A phone number assigned only to your listing. All leads call this number to get informtion about your listing, ask their questions and book a showing. These are the highest value leads and will be followed up with until they book a showing or no longer express interest. 

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

27 Selling Tips

21 Step Staging

Mortgage App

Deal Finder App