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Sellers: Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar!

Here are the most popular home seller resources on this site. No matter what your situation, these links are here to help you sell your home for more, faster and end up with more in your pocket. 

Why Clients Work With Darby

They Want to Sell Their Home for Top Dollar! 

Smart Seller Program

The finest, most consumer-friendly seller program anywhere!

Your Home Sold in 60 days, or Darby Will Pay You $1,000!*

Learn How to Guarantee Your Home Sells at a Price Acceptable to You!

How to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar During Winter

Get More For Your Home!

Factors to Consider When Hiring An Agent

You should be asking these questions to ensure that you get the best representation for your needs!

27 Valuable Tips That You Should Know to Get Your Home Sold Fast and for Top Dollar

Your home may well be your largest asset, selling it is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life

The Everyday Open House

Get every potential buyer to view your property and ensure you get top dollar!

How To Sell Your Home Without An Agent And Save The Commission!

Learn 10 Inside Secrets to Selling Your Home Yourself!

What Is The Rental Value For Your Property?

Sell or Rent it Out, Which Will Make You More?

How To Get 100% of Your Asking Price for Your Home, Guaranteed!

Already helped hundreds of home sellers get more money for their home!

Darby Guarantees You The Right to Cancel Your Listing Agreement 

Confident that his real estate system will work for you!

Get a FREE, Quick and Accurate, Over-The-Net Home Evaluation!

Get an Accurate Home Evaluation Without Speaking to a Realtor!

Which of These Costly Homeseller Mistakes Will You Make When You Sell Your Home?

New report reveals 7 costly mistakes that most homeowners make when selling their home!

How To Sell Your Home For More Money In Less Time

This is the first question that we get asked first by nearly all of the sellers we work with, and here is the answer!

Find Out What The Home Down The Street Sold For!

FREE List Of Recent Home Sales And Active Listings In Your Area! 

Pass Your Inspection

11 High Cost Inspection Traps You Should Know About Weeks Before Listing Your Home For Sale!

How to Avoid Costly Housing Mistakes During and After a Divorce

Divorce: What You Need to Know About Your House, Your Home Loan and Taxes!

How to Sell a House that Didn't Sell

Why Most Homes Listed for Sale Don't Sell and What to Do About It!

Empty Nester: How to Sell the Place You Call Home

Avoid the Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars! 

Buy a Home and I'll Buy Yours!

Shop with ease knowing your home is sold!

How to Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes

It is essential to understand the legal ins and outs that will properly protect you when you buy or sell a home!

Get the Highest Price You Can When You Sell Your Home

Negotiating effectively doesn't have to be as difficult or scary as you would expect!

How to Get the Price You Want (and Need) When Selling Your Home

How to price your home for maximum profit!

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

The Step by Step Process to make sure everything goes smoothly!

How Your Home Will Sell, Guaranteed

Other Agents Won't Guarantee it, But I do!


Everything you need to know if you are going to buy a home in Orillia, Wasaga Beach, Oro-medonte, Midland, Coldwater or Severn!

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