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You are the first touchpoint from our team
  1. Responsible for building meaningful and helpful relationships with the database of leads/people we have brought into our system
  2. Focus on presenting our team as professionals whose purpose is to help and advise our clients, friends and family 
  3. Responsible for calling leads within 5 minutes of their request. Ask a series of questions to collect key information about that person/lead. Collects and records data/conversation into the crm. 
  4. Responsible for following up every lead at the appropriate frequencies. Every lead is a person and they were interested in real estate somehow so it is our responsibility and duty to help them get the best service in the world by following up consistently, demonstrating our intent to help and professionalism and then converting them to scheduled appointments as soon as possible. 
  5. Co-operaates with our marketing co-ordinator and the team leader to ensure there is an understanding of the promotions that people are responding to and to co-ordinate future touch points (direct mail, emails, post cards, texts, calls etc)
First Script
Qualify Buyer
  1. Always make sure an email or direct mail was sent within the past 7 days
  2. Say Hi (their name) my name is _______ we spoke back in _______ how are you!? 
  3. I just wanted to give you a call and make sure you have been getting my mail and emails?
  4. Ok good, I hope they have been helpful and how are your moving plans going, are you hoping to move within the next couple of months? 
If no, empathize with their situation and show that you understand them and their situation and that you care. Make it clear that you will do anything you can to help them. If they are a home owner remind them about their personal dashboard or if they don't have one yet, offer to create one and highlight the benefits:

You'll instantly get 24/7 access to:
- Your Home's Estimated Value (updated monthly, quarterly, or annually)
- Live Market Stats for your area
- Homes for Sale and Sold Near You (you can actually see how much your neighbors sold for)
- Free Resources

- Personalized link

And all of this is 100% free. I figured, when you have a bank account or you own stocks, you can see how much money you have whenever you want. I wanted to recreate this luxury for homeowners as a home is usually one of their largest investments and it would be nice to have an idea of what it is worth whenever you want, wouldn't you agree? This way you'll never miss the perfect opportunity to sell your home or refinance your mortgage.

This is an exclusive service, however, if there is anyone you know and care about that could benefit from this free service please let me know and I will be happy to set one up for them as well! 

If yes, use the Qualify Seller or buyer Document and try to book an appointment. Highlight that it is free and there is no obligation to do anything. Feel free to leverage the guaranteed selling price offer as well as the offers on the first script. 
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