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So why are we meeting today? How can I help you, what is your goal?

Why are you moving/selling? What does your ideal situation look like after everything is all said and done? Can you explain why this is important to you?

How soon do you want to be moved into your new home?

What would make this life transition you are about to take on a success?

What specific criteria do you want and need in your new home? What specific neighborhood do you like the most?

So what I'm hearing is ____ and what you need is ____. Does that sound right?

Have you already tried to find a home? Why do you think that didn't work for you?

How much do you think you're going to have to pay in order buy a home that meets your criteria?... And if we could find you a home that meets your criteria and is within your budget, would you want that to happen? Are you ready to move?

Here's Every Step That Must Be Taken If We Are Going To Find You Your Ideal Home at a the Price you Want:

Make the Commitment

If you didn't know already know we only work with 5 clients at a time, we do this because we are committed to our clients. It requires time and focus to produce real unique and superior results. Any agent can show you a home and send you listings, do you agree with that? Right, but not every agent will work day and night and spend thousands of dollars in order to find you a unique oppourtunity, we do. Most agents will simply email you everything that is available and hope that you buy one, in contrast we actively seek and have a list of home onwers that don't have their home for sale yet but are considering selling. What this means for you is that you get access to the best deals before anyone else even knows about them. We have helped people just like you buy the perfect home without competing against any other offers. All we ask is that you commit for 3 months, if you're not satisfied with our results you can cancel at anytime with no hassle. We are confident that we can find you your ideal home and at the right price in 3 months or less. As an added bonus, it doesn't cost anything to work with us and it will save you 10's of thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours and countless headaches. Does that sound fair enough? Oh and when you buy a home with us we will also give you a 24 month satisfaction guarantee, this guarantee allows you to sell your home within 24 months and only pay 1% in commission, again saving you thousands of dollars and a lot of work! 

Get Pre-Approved

Not only is this service free but it will save you 10's of thousands of dollars over many years. It also allows you to make competitive offers, it shows you what you can afford, and it saves you countless hours viewing homes that aren't suitable. Getting pre-approved is a simple process and it makes the whole process of buying your new home so much easier. 

Take Action

What day and time are you available to view homes this week? What properties would you like to see? 
MLS Numbers:


Itsorealestate Collective 

22 Real Estate Boards & Associations

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Number of realtors.png
Number of realtors.png
Number of realtors.png
Number of realtors.png

Over 15,000 REALTORS®

Computer with Graph & Database

Thousands of dollars are spent to drive traffic every month. With this reach I am able to retarget website visitors which allows me to tell hundreds and even thousands of potential sellers the specific type of home you want to buy. 

Financial Report
White Desk
White Desk
White Desk
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  • Instagram

Social Media 

We have accumulated over 2500 followers/connections and are apart of many local groups. There is no doubt that any seller that owns a home and that meets your criteria will know that you may be interested in buying their home. 

Toronto Board Member

More and more listings in the area are being listed on the Toronto board andmany local realtors do not have this access. The problem with this is that you wouldn't be notified and could potentially miss out on the perfect place. This is why we make the investment and commitment to be a part of this board as well as all of the local ones. 

virtual tours.png
virtual tours.png

Virtual Tour/Preview

Feels like you're literally walking through the home which means that you'll only have to physically view a home once you already know that you like it. If there is no virtual tour available we can preview the home for you in order to determine whether it is worth your time. 

Number of realtors.png

Database of Sellers

Over 500 potential sellers and thousands of buyer representatives, do you think that would help you get a good deal?

Facebook logo.png

Unbranded Marketing Approach

I get 3 times more sellers reaching out to me because of this one strategy...


Neighborhood Blitz

There is no doubt that everyone in your ideal neighborhood will know that you want to buy a home. This is important as those who have been considering moving will see it as their oppourtunity and will likely let you see the property and make an offer.  

Web Marketing Bliz.png

Web Marketing Blitz

There is no doubt that everyone interested in selling a home that meets your criteria will know that you are a serious buyer looking to buy their home. 

Friends with Smartphones

Referral System 

People who refer sellers can receive huge lifetime savings. This program encourages people to share the contacts of people they know with homes that meet your criteria. We give back/deduct 10's of thousands in commission over a lifetime in order to incentivize more referrals. 

Help Center

Smooth Transition Program

Whether it is a new tv, free lawn maintenance, a moving company etc. We will negotiate on your behalf in order to ensure that you get all of the benefits you need to buy a home and have a smooth transition. 

Real Estate Agent

Ideal Seller Generator

Distribution of helpful reports for the home owners in your desired neighborhood and tips that make selling their home easier. Sellers are shown how advantageous it can be to sell their home to you without ever listing it on the MLS.  


Showing System and Software

24/7 hotline able to book showings no matter what time it is. You spend no time scheduling, simply tell us what timeframes you want showings and we will handle everything. 

infosparks logo.png

Local Statistics 

Following the market and being able to make smart decisions is crucial if you want to buy your ideal home and not overpay. Live hyperlocal stats help determine what price and terms you will need to include or exclude in your offer in order to buy that home you've fallen in love with. 

Signing a Contract

Professional Appraisal Opinion

You'll receive a recommended purchase price from a thorough and professional realtor who study's the market every single day. Ensures you get the most out of the deal and allows you to walk away from dramatically overpaying. 

People waiting outside home.JPG

The Everyday Open House

I make myself available to show you homes at some point every single day. I spend my time analyzing the deals and determining whether it is worth your time. However, the ultimate power lies in your hands, any home that you want to view and that is in your price range I will anlayze and show the property to you. 

Hotline Consultant

24/7 Helpline

A phone number assigned only to you. Anything you need, any questions you have and more all answered within the same day guaranteed. 

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Mortgage App

Deal Finder App

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