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I'm Giving Away $1,000,000

Yes, you read that right, my name is Darby Hiles and I'm giving away one million dollars in free service. I usually charge around $50,000 to sell a home using my guaranteed sale in 14 days system. Instead, I will be selling my next 20 clients' homes for free, 0% commission. So why am I doing this?

For all the years that I have been in real estate, it has bothered me that realtors have a bad reputation. 

I truly believe that the role of a realtor is important and can really affect people's financial well-being. Realtors can be very valuable advisors, negotiators, and marketers that will more than cover the cost. 

My goals for this giveaway are to:
1. Give back to my community. In one of the most substantial ways that I can, during the hardest economic period in the last decade. 
2. Grow my brand, network, and credibility. With the support of people like you to vouch for the exceptional service and results that I deliver, I think we can make it happen.

Let's get this message to as many people as we can so no one that you know misses out on $50,000. If we sell out fast, I will do it again. 

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