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Darby Hiles

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I truly believe in the power of working as a team and that by operating using consistent and proven systems under one brand, we can create abundance far greater than if we were to work alone. That's why I created Selecta Service, a brand focused on helping their representatives succeed and reach their goals.
At Selecta Service we are committed to helping one another, we grow together and celebrate our successes together. We are constantly learning, sharing our experiences, optimizing the systems that generate our results, setting bigger goals and never limiting what we can acheive together. When you represent Selecta Service, we'll not only get you more qualified prospects, we'll convert a higher percentage of them into paying clients and we'll show you how to earn more per client thanks to our proven systems and our unique offers. More importantly, we want you to have your own business and we want to help you grow it.

You see when I first got into real estate, I was slightly confused, I was "hired" to represent a brand but I was never given a system that I could use to build my business, I never received a single lead from the company and I felt alone and honestly, I felt like a failure, because I was. I hadn't sold anything and I had no promising prospects. I thought about joining a team but I quickly dismissed that idea when I realized I would be limited in how much I could earn and that I would be treated like an employee that is there to serve the team leader and their goals. I chose to take responsibility for my results (just like every agent does that stays in this business). So I started my team and my first partner was a coach, I needed someone who had generated the results that I wanted to show me exactly what I needed to do in order to succeed. I invested 10's of thousands of dollars and I learned exactly what I needed to do. Immediately I started seeing results, I generated an abundance of leads and earned at least 7 times more than the year previously. We continue to follow and optimize the system today and I've created a brand structure that allows you to start your own team, build a real business, stop chasing commission cheques and start earning a passive income while also multiplying your active income. You'll earn more, work less and you'll have all the support and systems you need to scale your business. Join Us!

Our Unique Compensation Structure Instantly Adds to Your Potential Earnings!

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You control how much you earn and how many hours you work

Even if you're only earning $50,000/year, at some point or another you will realize that there is simply too much work to do by yourself. You'll also realize that your income is going to eventually become or it already is stagnant. The reason that this happens is that you only have so much time in a day, homes only cost so much and therefore, even if you worked every minute of your life (which wouldn't be very fun would it..) your income would eventually stop increasing simply because YOU are still doing ALL OF THE WORK. 

If you want to grow a real business and get rid of your job, you need to leverage other people's time and money. When you work with us you not only leverage other people's time and money but you'll receive a franchise prototype that has proven to generate sales and that is constantly improving; the goal of our system is to make your job as easy as possible and to create a business that makes you more money in less time. Even if you are new to the industry or haven't closed more than 10 sales/year, our system will work for you, it's that easy.   

We provide all of the help, training, systems, marketing, leads, scripts, presentations and appointments you need to build the business that you dreamt of when you first decided to become a realtor. Work less and earn more, take back control of your life; this is the change you've been looking for
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