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From Darby Hiles


Dear Home Owner,

If you want to create a downpour of buyers that flood your listing and literally DEMAND that you sell them your home for 100%+ of asking price, then this will be the most important decision you make this decade.

Stop and answer these questions for yourself…

Are you worried about hiring an agent and not getting the value or service that you expected?

Do you fear paying out thousands of dollars only to find out later that you could have sold your home for more?

Do you want an agent that is in it for the commission or would you prefer an agent that is going to fight for you in order to sell your home for top dollar guaranteed?

Every home owner that I have talked to recognizes that selling their home is one of the biggest decisions they will ever make and admit that they are afraid of making a mistake. What most didn't know prior to meeting me was that the difference between agents is quite significant.


When I started out in this business I was shocked to learn that most agents were focused on selling themselves, their personality and how great they are and I was actually advised by my boss to do the same thing.


I said F*^k that and decided to change the way real estate was done. I bring accountability to the real estate industry and focus on what you the home owner wants: to sell your home quickly, to sell for the highest price and to enjoy the process. 


Imagine hiring an agent that speaks in terms of what is best for you instead of themselves. Imagine an agent that already has potential buyers before they're even hired. An agent with a proven system that guarantees that your home will sell at an acceptable price to you. 


My home selling system makes it easy and enjoyable for home owners like yourself to sell their home for top dollar. I am confident in my system and that is why I'll Sell Your Home for 100% of Asking Price Guaranteed or I'll Pay You $1000*. 

FREE! No Obligation Valuation. Bonus: Includes 27 Tips +10 Priceless Home Owner Reports 



Database of Buyers in Waiting! (Your home instantly sent to buyers waiting for the perfect place, Your home may already be Sold!)

The single best way to attract high paying buyers... (and how more leads and awareness means a higher selling price)

City Wide Buyers Agent Network (your home sent to more than 841 real estate agents!)

USP Branded Internet Approach (thousands spent in advertising promoting unique offers that buyers love!)

Buy This Home Satisfaction Guaranteed Program (for anyone interested in your home, I offer to sell it for free(my portion) if they're not satisfied in 24 months. No one does this!)

Can you really generate 300% more buyers with this little known strategy?

24 Hour Talking Ads (easy, non- threatening way for potential buyers to get more info about your home results in more interest!)

FREE! No Obligation Valuation. Bonus: Includes 27 Tips +10 Priceless Home Owner Reports 


How to Generate Hundreds of Leads Looking for Homes...


Syndication through world wide web... (using my DDF partnerships your house may be seen on 14+ extra sites including TD)

Property search ads on Google! (captures leads the moment they are looking for homes like yours)

LessBranded Internet Approach (less threatening way for buyers to get the info they want leads to possible 300%+ more responses)

VIP Buyer Profile System....(I craft a buyer profile for every lead that I can; any buyer with matching criteria to your home will see your home... means less wasted time and more qualified showings)

In House Returning VIP Clients (past clients have the opportunity to buy your home before it is even on the market!)

Professional Staging (you can have all staging done by a professional and paid for by me when applicable!)

Bonus: Hard Workin Hands Curb Appeal Package! (Your property transforms into its polished version, increasing curb appeal and interest in your home!)

Professional Photography (you can have all photography/videos/tours done by a professional and paid for by me when applicable)

Web Marketing Blitz (getting the attention your home needs to sell.... Social media, landing pages, SEO, Re-marketing, YouTube, Google)

Neighborhood Blitz (gets the attention your home needs to sell.... Neighborhood watch delivered to street, online re-targeting, Tour of Homes)

There's more! PLUS: any proof of service you were offered from another agent, I will match! 

FREE! No Obligation Valuation. Bonus: Includes 27 Tips +10 Priceless Home Owner Reports 



I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.


This one tactic alone will generate more leads than any other agent!


And this is just the beginning! Here's more...

How to follow up with leads that result in sales... (perfected approach to following up with leads that make it easy for them to buy your home!)

How to write copywrite that sells homes! (using words to evoke emotion is the key to getting your home shown and sold)

3 Fundamental techniques in handling people(how I help leads and clients find the perfect place!)

Landing pages that sell...(I craft a landing page designed to show leads why your home is the perfect home for them)

6 Rules to successful real estate posts (my goal is to help everyone who knows me set and reach their goals)

How one facebook ad sold a home(gone are the days you can list your home with an average agent on MLS alone and expect top dollar)

The new rules that I am already following(ex. home owners are in charge, agents must guarantee results, agent must over deliver)

FREE! No Obligation Valuation. Bonus: Includes 27 Tips +10 Priceless Home Owner Reports 



In other words, how to sell for top dollar while paying the most appropriate commission. Once your introduced to this system you will never again be satisfied with another agent. 

You will actually seek out your friends and family to make sure they use it when they decide to move!

Woah, you'll also get....

Reverse Offer System(how to eradicate resistance and make it easy for them to buy your home!)

What to include in your offer to get even the most skeptical shoppers to be interested.

Smooth Transition Guarantee Program(where applicable I will buy the purchaser of your home what they need to close on the deal...ex. new tv, wifi, washing machine etc.)

Everyday Open House(everyday I will be available to show your home if there is a qualified buyer!)

Tour of Homes (short 15 minute consecutive showings for homes in your neighborhood, shows potential buyers how yours stands out from the rest)

Buy any of my listings and I'll Sell Yours in 14 Days Guaranteed or I'll pay you $1000!* (don't miss out on the perfect place, make an offer knowing you can sell your home and for how much!)

WHOAH! That's a lot of proven, street-tested strategies, tactics, programs and systems that work RIGHT NOW. I am confident that it will sell your home for 100% of Asking Price Guaranteed or I'll Pay You $1000!* For the right price would you consider selling your home?

This is something agents won't offer you because they don't understand how I can guarantee so much value!

And like I said... It's FREE!

FREE! No Obligation Valuation. Bonus: Includes 27 Tips +10 Priceless Home Owner Reports 


P.S. In case you skipped to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm giving you a a FREE price guarantee which will tell you exactly how much I think I can sell your home for right now if you did decide to move. This price guarantee is free and you can get yours by clicking here and then telling me about your home on that screen. 

And like I said... It's FREE!

P.P.S.  This is a very limited offer, I only have so many hours in the day and I don't want to have too many competing listings. Once I have a full inventory there is no way of knowing when the next listing will be taken on. Don't worry as long as this page your on is live, I am doing price guarantees as well as accepting new listings!

There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not be forced to sign any contract nor will you have any obligation to me or owe me any money or anything like that. 

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P.P.P.S.  This is an exclusive offer made by Darby Hiles the Sales Representative for RE/MAX Orillia realty (1996) Ltd. Brokerage. You won't find this anywhere else!