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Thinking About Selling?

Your Home Sold for 100% of Asking Price, Guaranteed or I'll Pay You $1000!*

Below is how I break down the process of selling your home to ensure it sells for top dollar. I am confident in my process and hold myself accountable, Your Home Sold for 100% of asking price, Guaranteed or I'll pay you $1000*. I have a list of buyers signed up that are waiting for the perfect place. 

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Identify Your Goals

One of the most overlooked steps in the real estate process is establishing clear goals. Why are you moving? What would your dream home look like right now? What do you want to get out of the transaction? Selling your home is a major life event and it often signifies a new lifestyle. I want to do a great job for you so I spend the time to listen to your needs and desires. This allows me to tailor my service to meet your goals and ensures your real estate experience is incredible.  


-Life Planning Service

5 stps to sell your home

Prepare Your Home

Often times, homes need a refresh in order to sell for top dollar. Whether it is fresh paint, fixing that broken tile or simply a deep clean and de-clutter. We will discuss your time-frame and what small and/or major tasks should be taken care of before you sell your home. This consultation can result in thousands of dollars more when it comes to selling price. I am happy to source contractors if required. In order to help out I have covered the costs for curb appeal property staging. 

-Home Evaluation Service

Present Your Home

 In order to sell your home for top dollar it must be seen by a buyer who envisions your home as their dream home. Preparation, consideration and marketing are the tools that I use to sell your home for top dollar.

Above we discussed preparing your home however, Interior staging is also available and recommended. 

In order to ensure your home is presented profitably, I will hire an iguide professional to take and edit professional photos as well as a virtual tour.

Your home will be sent to thousands of agents through my network and will be available online to every person with an internet connection. Featured on,, and many more. 

Everything that can be done will be done to ensure your home stands out from the rest. 

-Listing Distribution Service

Find Buyers

You benefit from my marketing education, experience and money that I invest on Facebook, Google and Youtube ads that generate hundreds of leads/people looking for properties in the area. We will identify the most likely category of buyer for your home and I will craft marketing and copy that highlights the features of your home that will attract the ideal buyer and will ultimately sell your home for top dollar. 

I am confident in my strategy and that is why I Guarantee Your Home SOLD for 100% of Asking Price or I'll Pay You $1000!*

-Market Match Service

Negotiate the Best Deal

Negotiations involve two or more parties who come together to reach some end goal through compromise or resolution that is agreeable to all those involved. One party will put its position forward, while the other will either accept the conditions presented or counter with its own position. The process continues until both parties agree to a resolution.

My job and goal is to learn as much as possible about the other party's position before a negotiation begins including what the strengths and weaknesses of that position are, how to prepare to defend their positions, and any counter-arguments the other party will likely make. Then and only then am I able to negotiate and defend your position. I spend the time with you to identify your goals so that when the time comes I understand what I am negotiating for and can advise you when I think you have a good offer. 

-Negotiate to Fulfillment Service

Track Record


Faster than Market Average


More than Market Average

"I have only heard good things! Easy to deal with and fast polite service. Would highly recommend to others. Very professional!" - Linda Southorn

"remax sold my neighbours house recently in record time too"- Carole T Deso

(Stats are not updated daily and may not be accurate to date, contact to learn live stats)

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