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10 Ways My Story Helps You

  1. I have lived in Simcoe County, ON for 23 years

  2. I have studied real estate and real estate investing for approximately 3,370 hours and I have a team around me with way over a centuries worth of real estate experiences that I leverage for you

  3. I have invested approximately $18,500 in real estate courses and trainings in the past 24 months

  4. I spent $34,914 in 2020 alone in order to provide the top level of service to my clients

  5. In 2020, I saved my clients $18,750 on average (comparing asking price to purchase price)

  6. I have accumulated a database of over 400 homeowners/buyers and it is growing consistently

  7. My network of agents on the MLS/Itsorealestate have thousands of buyers every year, in total there was 11,508 homes sold in Simcoe County during 2020

  8. RE/MAX Orillia Realty (1996) Ltd. Brokerage sold 343 homes in Simcoe County during 2020 alone. That amounts to $166,970,536 worth of real estate

  9. The majority of my life goes into building relationships with homeowners, building relationships with businesses to get my clients great services for a great price, analyzing data, analyzing listings, learning and thinking about ways I can better serve my clients.

  10. I was raised by amazing parents which I am extremely grateful for, I believe that thanks to them, I have the greatest gift, which is the gift of good intentions and empathy for other people. This is the basis for all of my services (designed with the clients perspective front of mind) and it is the reason I am in business. I view it as my ethical responsibility to create better solutions for my clients than anyone else. 

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