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Thinking of Buying

Buy a Home and if You're not Satisfied Within 24 Months I'll Sell it and Refund My Commission.

Below is how I break down the process of buying a home. You can be confident in my system and hold me accountable to generating results. Get access to all the great deals including: off market deals, bank foreclosures, fixer uppers and Hot New MLS Listings. It's free and there is no obligation. 

4 Steps Below
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Identify Your Goals

One of the most overlooked steps in the real estate process is establishing clear goals. Why are you moving? What would your dream home look like right now? What do you want to get out of the transaction? Buying a home is a major life event and it often signifies a new lifestyle. I want to do a great job for you so I spend the time to listen to your needs and desires. This allows me to tailor my service to meet your goals and ensures your real estate experience is incredible, getting you the deal you deserve. 


-Life Planning Service

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Mortgage Pre-Approval 

I am partnered with a highly experienced and trusted mortgage broker. We will let you know if you're qualified before you finish the full application. We will help you choose the right mortgage that fits your needs. Provide us with the needed documentation to complete the process and we will handle all the other details and paperwork for you.

-Pre-approval service


Mortgage Lending Approvals

Low Mortgage Rates

Access to Multiple Lenders


Would Recommend Us


Free, no hassle discussion

Find the Perfect Place

You benefit from my marketing education, experience and money that I invest on Facebook, Google, and Youtube ads etc. I generate hundreds of leads/people that may be selling their home. Using the criteria from step one, I will craft marketing and copy that will attract the sellers that currently own your dream home. The good deals go fast; to get a great deal we need to create your VIP Buyer profile. Once you are setup, my system will email you the moment homes that meet your criteria become available. This list includes off-market deals, bank foreclosures, fixer uppers, private sales and all MLS listings. I have thousands of agents in my network, there are new deals everyday!

I am confident that I will find you your ideal home and that is why If you Buy a Home and are not satisfied within 24 Months I will Sell it and Refund My Commission!*

-VIP Buyer Service

Negotiate the Best Deal

Negotiations involve two or more parties who come together to reach some end goal through compromise or resolution that is agreeable to all those involved. One party will put its position forward, while the other will either accept the conditions presented or counter with its own position. The process continues until both parties agree to a resolution.

My job and goal is to learn as much as possible about the other party's position before a negotiation begins including what the strengths and weaknesses of that position are, how to prepare to defend their positions, and any counter-arguments the other party will likely make. Then and only then am I able to negotiate and defend your position. I spend the time with you to identify your goals so that when the time comes I understand what I am negotiating for and can advise you when I think you have a good deal. 

-Negotiate to Fulfillment Service

Track Record

$15,000 Savings

Off Asking Price Average Per Client

"Darby walked us through the process of buying our first home. He wasn't pushy and

looked out for our best interests."- Dan Rea

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