Darby Hiles

"Takes you Step by Step"
"Listens and Cares"
"Communicates Clearly & Quickly"
"Very Professional, No Pressure"
"Knowledgeable & Genuine"
"Attentive to Details & Needs"
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"Sellers Want Buyers, Buyers Want Deals, I Have Both"

I am here to serve. I want to help you and your family increase the quality of your lives, build wealth and make a major life transition simple, stress free and profitable for you just like I have for the clients mentioned above. I believe that I provide the most value and I know that I always do what is right for you, no matter what. I believe that it is my responsibility  as a friend and an advisor of yours to make sure you know about what I can do for you, your friends, family and colleagues. 

How Can I Help You?

How My Story Helps You

- I have lived in Simcoe County, ON for 23 years

- I have studied real estate and real estate investing for approximately 3,370 hours and I have a team around me with way over a centuries worth of real estate experiences that I leverage for you

- I have invested approximately $18,500 in real estate courses and trainings in the past 24 months

- I spent $34,914 in 2020 alone in order to provide the top level of service to my clients

- In 2020 I saved my clients about $18,000 on average, strictly based on asking price, not even considering the benefits that early access, private sales and access to my database provides, nor does that consider the deals I create for my clients with other businesses

- I have accumulated a database of over 400 homeowners/buyers and it is growing consistently

- My network of agents have thousands of buyers every year, we sold 11,507 homes in Simcoe County during 2020

- Our team sold 343 homes in 2020 in Simcoe County alone which amounts to $166,970,536 worth of real estate

- 100% of my qualified clients in 2020 got the home they wanted at the price they wanted 


The majority of my life goes into building relationships with homeowners, building relationships with businesses to get my clients great services for a great price, analyzing data, analyzing listings, learning and thinking about ways I can better serve my clients

How We Can Help Our Community Together

"Cody's House is a youth mental health charity that is close to my heart and means a lot to me. They are trying to build a youth program that provides a safe, fun and supportive place for kids to go and chase their passion, a place to focus on their well being, a place to get rid of their negative thoughts and a place to inspire a dream to live life to the fullest." - Darby Hiles

Every Referral Results in a Donation to Cody's House

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Thanks to the people like you, who give me referrals, I can spend more time and money making sure that my clients get the best service rather than spending all of my time and money trying to get new clients. I am grateful for this advantage as it allows me to give back to our community through amazing organizations like Cody's House.  

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